When your sink, garbage disposal, shower, tub, or toilet isn’t working as it should . . .

That’s when you should call us.

You rely on your bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures to work properly for you to carry on with your day-to-day. Taking a shower or turning on the kitchen sink should be some of the easier things you have to deal with, but when the water isn’t flowing or draining as it should, you need to call us. Over time, the parts get worn out and you might start to notice buildup. Most often it could be a simple repair, but in the chance it may be more, Pruitt’s Plumbing is here to help.

Treat Your Garbage Disposal Kindly

Garbage disposals are an excellent tool for quick cleaning up food waste, but you can’t just put everything down them!

To keep your disposal in top conditions remember:

  • Run cold water when putting food down the drain
  • Use baking soda and vinegar in your garbage disposal to keep it smelling fresh
  • Layered vegetables like onions – the skins can wrap around the blades and other moving parts
  • Eggshells – the film-like membrane can do the same as the onion skins
  • Nuts & shells, including seafood shells – it will dull your blades faster
  • Coffee grounds – while it isn’t bad for the disposal, it is terrible for your plumbing. They’ll eventually settle and create a clog
  • Pits & seeds – they’re too hard, and they’ll bounce around in the drain because they’re too small to be ground up
  • Rice, Bread & Pasta – No matter how small they become they can absorb massive amounts of water creating a clog

These are just a few things! Garbage disposals are very temperamental pieces of equipment that must be taken care of to have a good lifespan. If you need to have someone look at your disposal, clear a clog, repair, or replace it we can help you with any horsepower or model of garbage disposal.